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Fashion Me Fabulous Post

I've always had a war with knee high boots. My calves are just too wide for the average circumference. I am forever zipping up cute boots only to stop 3 or 4 inches from the top. Last year, I discovered "extended calf" boots. (These are also a great option for women who can wear the traditional calf sizes, but can't tuck their jeans into them.) Here is a guide to brands for wide calves:

Naturalizer: This is perhaps the easiest to find wide calf boot brand since you can occasionally try them on in department stores and Naturalizer stores. This is the brand I purchased on clearance at the end of last year. They come with all the benefits of Naturalizer--style, comfort, quality. (Also, I couldn't find the style I wanted to buy in stores in the wide calf so I tried on the regular one to see how the foot fit before buying it online--perfect fit.) Cost: $70 (on sale) to $150 Natrulizer Online Store

Fitzwell: This brand has perhaps the largest selection of wide calf boots I've seen. They also carry extra wide calf boots, which is great because not all wide calves are the same. They also keep their boots stylish. I've tried these on before, and can attest to their comfort and, indeed, great fit. Cost: $125 to $180 Fitzwell on Zappos (Pictured: Fitzwell Edeen Boot $155)

RSVP: I'm not very familier with this show brand, but they offer a sizable collection of boot styles in wide calf. They also have an extra wide calf boot. Cost: $70 (on sale) - $175 RSVP on Zappos

Gabriella Rocha: I've been familiar with this shoe brand for a long time, but this is the first year I've discovered their wide calf boots. This brand offers the "youngest" styles of all the wide calf brands. They don't, however, offer anything other than flat boots in wide calf, but if you're looking for an everyday winter boot, you might not mind flats. Cost: $80 - $145 Garbriella Rocha on Zappos

Annie Shoes: This is another new brand for me, but one of the only brands I found that offered fuzzy-lined, cold weather boots in a wide calf. We wide calf girls get cold feet and legs too so I'm please to finally see really warm boots in our size. This is also one of the most affordable brands. Cost: $47 (on sale) to $90 Annie Shoes on Endless

Ros Hommerson: I discovered this brand on, a site dedicated to wide calf boots (woot!). This brand comes in wide calf, extra wide calf and super wide calf. There are even some over the knee boots in wide and extra wide calf sizes! Sadly, this is one of the msot costly brands. Cost: $140 (on sale) to $270 Ros Hommerson on

David Tate: This is another discovered. It also offers wide, extra wide and super wide width boots. Cost: $90 (on sale) to $200 David Tate on

More and more brands are offering wide calf boots. I've even started seeing some of them in department stores. For more wide calf boots, visit, Wide Calf Boot City, and Zappos Wide Calf Boot Search.

Do you have any more wide calf boot suggestions? Have you pruchased wide calf boots before? If so, share your experience.

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What Do You Think of Black Nail Polish?
Just another stylish nail color option
It's OK on the right person, but it's not for me.
Seems best left to the goth, emo, rebel, depressed, Halloween crowd
I don't like it at all.
Other (explain in comments)

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